License Agreement

Last modified: February 9, 2022


This License Agreement sets out the terms on which Zelto provides the Software and Professional Services to the Subscriber.

By subscribing to our Software or engaging us to provide Professional Services you are agreeing to be legally bound by this License Agreement and are committing fully and unconditionally to the obligations set out below.

1. Definitions

In this License Agreement, we have given specific meanings to the following words:

“Authorized Personnel” means the Subscriber’s directors, officers, employees, and authorized personnel;

“Course Content” means any e-learning materials, courses and other content, including text, imagery, videos or other files entered, uploaded or created by you or your authors while using the Software.

“Deliverables” means any specified bespoke work or materials to be created by Zelto as part of its provision of Professional Services as described in an Order Form or Statement of Work, but excluding Software;

“Zelto Account” means a current Subscription account for the Software created pursuant to this License Agreement;

2. This License Agreement

2.1 Acceptance of Terms: The Software and/or Professional Services are provided by Zelto to the Subscriber subject to the terms of this License Agreement. By applying for an Zelto Account, you are indicating your acceptance of this License Agreement.

2.2 Additional items: In addition to the terms set out herein, you will also be subject to any guidelines and other rules applicable to use of the Site and Software, which are posted on our Site from time to time. All such guidelines and rules are hereby incorporated by reference into this License Agreement.

2.3 Important notice: The nature of Zelto’s database-driven technology means that you will only be able to create and edit your Course Content and publish it via the Software for the duration of your Subscription. However, you may at any time export your Course Content out of our systems for independent publication.

3. The Software

3.1 The Software is subscription-based online e-learning authoring software. The Software provides our Subscribers with the ability to simply and quickly author and publish online e-learning Course Content.

3.2 The Software is continually under review and its features and functionality may change throughout your Subscription at our sole discretion, provided that the Software will perform substantially in accordance with the functions as specified on our Site when under use by Authorized Personnel in a manner that conforms to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the features and functionality specified on our Site.

3.3 The Software may facilitate the creation of SCORM-compliant files for integration with third-party learning management systems (LMSs). We do not warrant that third-party LMSs will all be able to integrate with SCORM files generated by the Software.

4. Creating an Zelto Account

4.1 In order to use the Software, you must apply via our Site for an Zelto Account.

4.2 If you are applying on behalf of your business, please ensure you name the correct entity (sole trader, LLP, limited company or PLC, etc.) as the “Subscriber,” as the contract will be formed between the named Subscriber and Zelto. You must only apply for an Zelto Account in the name of a Subscriber with the express authority of that person or entity. A binding contract is formed between Zelto and the Subscriber when we accept your application or make your Zelto Account available to you (whichever is earlier).

4.3 We reserve the right, at our discretion and without cause, prior to entering a License Agreement, not to accept an application to create an Zelto Account or additional Zelto Accounts for existing Subscribers. No charge will be made by us for declined applications.

5. Accessing and using your Zelto Account

5.1 Once your Zelto Account has been created, we will send you an account activation email so that you can log in with your username (your email address) and create your new password.

5.2 Unless permitted below, the Subscriber may not permit any third-party to access or use their Zelto Account.

5.3 Additional users within the Subscriber organization can obtain their own usernames and passwords if the initial user accesses the Software and uses the “Editor” function on the “Account” page (some subscription packages may have limitations on the number of additional users which can be added – please check our Site for details).

5.4 You may be able to upgrade your Zelto Account by applying to upgrade and paying any further applicable fees.