Build future proof courses with multiple pre-built course and screen templates

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Authoring tool for everyone

Zelto is powered by a bank of readily available course and screen templates. These templates can be leveraged to produce courses in no time.

  • Choose matching course or screen templates
  • Add components from the available library
  • Customize for your brand
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Fully Responsive Courses

  • Design one time
  • Courses look similar on all devices
  • Truly responsive and not adaptive course output
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WCAG 2.1 Compliance at all levels

  • 508, ADA and AA Compliance
  • All components are AA compliant
  • Course templates are AA compliant
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Modern and Classic layouts

  • Modern layout is used for courses that use contemporary web designs. Content is stacked on top of the other in a single page.
  • Modern layout is also termed as single page design.
  • Classic layout is the more traditional PowerPoint or slide based design.
  • Classic layout uses Back and Next to navigate between multiple pieces of content.
  • Zelto provides true responsiveness for both layouts.
  • Screen templates and components are available for both layouts.
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Apply client branding and reuse

  • Apply client branding easily at all levels
  • Once applied, save the branding and reuse
  • Zelto allows changing of fonts, colours, styles
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Create Course Structure, Edit and maintain courses

  • Course Builder allows you to create course structure before laying out screen content
  • Edit courses seamlessly using Zelto‚Äôs WYSIWYG editor
  • Course content resides on cloud and can be accessed easily for future changes
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Course Publishing Formats

  • Course can be published for scorm 1.2, scorm 2004 (all editions), xAPI, Tin can formats
  • Course can be published as web packages
  • Course can be published on review link

Features built for scale

Get insights to dig down into what's powering your growth


A dynamic WYSIWYG editor that allows you to preview screen layouts instantly.

Course Structure

Define your course structure at the beginning before adding screen level components.

Course Templates

Leverage existing course templates instead of building courses from scratch.

Two layout options

Flexibility to choose between modern and classic options. Both the options are truly responsive.

Component Customisation

Edit content, style, fonts and colours at the component level and preview results within the WYSIWYG editor

LMS Ready

Output is compatible with all LMS. Tool allows to generate scorm 1.2, scorm 2004 (all editions), xAPI output.

Extensive Component Library

An extensive library of 40+ page template and components that can be leveraged to create engaging interactions.


Scored assessment can be added at course level or topic level. Inline questions woven across the teach content can also be scored.

Client Branding

New course or course leveraged from existing course templates can be saved and reused for future development.